Abraham Lincoln Short Quotes

Abraham Lincoln Short Quotes 1 - Abraham Lincoln Short Quotes

Human Action can be Modified to some Extent but Human Nature cannot be Changed.

No Man has a Good enough Memory to be a Successful Liar.

Those who look for the Bad in People, Will Surely find It.

You can tell the Greatness of a Man by, What Makes him Angry.

You cannot Escape the Responsibility of Tomorrow by Evading it Today.

Leave Nothing for Tomorrow which can be Done Today.

In the End it is Not the Years in your Life that Count, it’s the Life in your Years.

Better to Remain Silent and be Thought a Fool, than to Speak out and Remove all Doubt.

Every man’s Happiness is his Own Responsibility.

It often Requires more Courage to Dare to do Right, than to Fear to do Wrong.

Whatever you Are, be a Good one.

When you Reach the End of your Rope, Tie a Knot and Hang on.

The Best way to Predict your Future is to Create it.

The Best thing about the Future is that is Comes One Day at a Time.

Nearly all Men can stand Adversity but if you want to Test a Man’s Character, give him Power.

Be sure you put your Feet in the Right place and then Stand firm.

You have to do Your own Growing, No matter how tall your Grandfather was.

Great Concern is not whether you have Failed but whether you are Content with your Failure.

Love is the Chain to Lock a Child to its Parent.

Most folks are about as Happy as they Make their Minds up to be.

Things may come to those who Wait but only the Things left by those who Hustle.

Always Bear in Mind that your own Resolution to Success is more important than Any other thing.

He has a Right to Criticize, who has a Heart to Help.

I would rather be a Little Nobody, then to be an Evil Somebody.

Give me Six hours to Chop down a Tree and I will Spend the first four Sharpening the Axe.