An Englishman, A Scotsman & An Irishman – Joke

An Englishman A Scotsman An Irishman - An Englishman, A Scotsman & An Irishman - Joke

An Englishman, A Scotsman and an Irishman they run into a bar and say to the bartender “quick, we need somewhere to hide, there’s a man trying to kill us!”

The bartender says “there are some sacks in the cellar, hide in them, just pretend to be what was in them before you emptied them.”

So they run downstairs to hide in the sacks.

Then the murderer comes in, after looking in the bar, he heads to the cellar.

He sees the suspicious looking sacks and he kicks the first sack.

The English man shouts “woof woof”.

The murderer goes “ok it’s just a dog”.

Then he kicks the second bag.

The Scotsman says “meowwww”

The murderer says to himself “just a cat.”

And he moves on to the last sack.

When he kicks that one, the Irish man shouts “POTATOES!”