Bitter Endings – Joke

Bitter Endings - Bitter Endings - Joke

I found myself at “The Maltings” bar, gazing into my pint of Black Sheep best bitter, when suddenly, a burly, bearded biker plopped down beside me, seized my drink, and gulped it down in a mere 5.5 seconds.

“Well, what are you gonna do about it?” he thundered, a threatening edge to his voice, as I struggled to hold back tears.

“Hey, come on, buddy,” he softened, seeing my distress. “I didn’t mean to make you cry. I just can’t bear to see a grown man weep.”

I sighed, “Today has just been the worst day of my life. I’m an utter failure. I was tardy for a meeting, so my boss gave me the sack. Afterwards, I discovered my car was stolen from the parking lot. When I finally made it home, I caught my wife with another man. And to top it all off, my dog bit me. So here I am, at The Maltings, trying to muster the courage to end it all. I bought a pint of Black Sheep, dropped a capsule in it, and sat watching the poison dissolve slowly. Then, out of nowhere, you come along and down it in one go.”

I paused, then added, “But enough about my day, how are you doing?”