Fishing for Solutions – Joke

Fishing for Solutions 1 - Fishing for Solutions - Joke

A husband and wife were experiencing problems after 30 years of marriage. They decided to see a counsellor to resolve their issues.

The counsellor asked what the problem was. The wife launched into a huge, passionate tirade on every single issue she’d had for the last three decades.

He was neglectful, she explained. There was no intimacy. She felt lonely; unloved; unloveable. She had persevered for so long with her physical and emotional needs unmet, but no more. Enough was enough.

The marriage counsellor nodded, got up, walked to the wife and asked her to stand.

Suddenly, he embraced her, giving the most passionate, steamy, open-mouthed kiss she had ever received. It continued for a full minute as the husband watched on benignly.

She stumbled backwards into her seat, breathless and dazed.

The counsellor turned to the husband and said: “Your wife will need this at least three times a week. Can you manage this?”

After a moment’s consideration, the husband replied: “Well I can drop her off here Mondays and Wednesdays, but on Fridays I go fishing”.