From Black-and-White to Evergreen – Joke

From Black and White to Evergreen - From Black-and-White to Evergreen - Joke

After five decades of marriage, I gazed at my wife one day and reminisced, “Half a century ago, we inhabited a modest house, drove a beat-up car, rested on a lumpy sofa-bed, and squinted at a 10-inch black-and-white television. Yet, every night, I lay beside a sizzling 23-year-old beauty.”

Fast-forward to today: our abode boasts a price tag of $750,000, our car gleams at $45,000, our bed is spacious, and our TV screen spans the room. However, my nighttime companion is now a wise 73-year-old woman.

In jest, I quipped to my wife, “It appears you’re not quite pulling your weight in this arrangement.”

Her response? Ever pragmatic, she advised me to seek out another vivacious 23-year-old. But with a catch: she’d ensure we reverted to our earlier days—a humble home, a clunky car, a sofa bed, and that trusty 10-inch black-and-white TV.