Rumi Motivational Quotes

Rumi Motivational Quotes 2 - Rumi Motivational Quotes

# Difficult Times

These Pains you Feel are Messengers. Listen to Them.

What Hurts you, Blesses you. Darkness is your Candle.

In the Blackest of your Moments, Wait with No Fear.

When the World pushes you to your Knees, You’re in the Perfect position to Pray.

Be full of sorrow, that you may become hill of joy; weep, that you may break into laughter.

If You are Irritated by every Rub, How will your Mirror be Polished?

When Someone beats a Rug, the Blows are not Against the Rug but against the Dust in it.

The Moment you accept What troubles you have been Given, the Door will Open.

Ignore those that Make you Fearful and Sad, that Degrade you Back towards Disease and Death.

# Motivational

Life is Balance of Holding on and Letting Go.

If All you can Do is Crawl, Start Crawling.

As you Start to Walk on the Way, The way Appears.

Respond to Every call that Excites your Spirit.

Open your Hands if You want to be Held.

When you Feel a Peaceful Joy, that’s when You are near Truth.

Don’t make yourself Miserable with What is to Come or Not to come.

Be Kind and Honest and Harmful Poisons will turn Sweet inside You.

# Wisdom

Achieve some Perfection Yourself, So that You may not Fall into Sorrow by seeing the Perfection in Others.

Anything which is More than our Necessity is Poison. It may be Power, Wealth, Hunger, Ego, Greed, Laziness, Love, Ambition, Hate or anything.

Be Grateful for your Life, Every Detail of It and your Face will come to Shine like a Sun and Everyone who Sees it will be made Glad and Peaceful.

Observe the Wonders as they Occur around You. Don’t claim them. Feel the Artistry moving through and Be Silent. Don’t Grieve. Anything you Lose comes Round in Another form.

Peaceful is the One who’s not Concerned with having More or Less. Unbound by Name and Fame, He is free from Sorrow from the World and Mostly from Himself.

Something Opens our Wings. Something makes Boredom and Hurt Disappear. Someone fills the Cup in front of Us: We taste only Sacredness.

Seek the Wisdom that will Untie your Knot. Seek the Path that Demands your Whole being.

Everyone has been Made for some Particular Work and the Desire for that Work has been Put in Every Heart.