The King’s New Attire – Joke

The Kings New Attire - The King’s New Attire - Joke

Once upon a time, there was a king who was exceedingly fond of his appearance. He delighted in wearing different and flamboyant outfits every day. One day, two cunning tailors approached the king and claimed they could make him a suit from invisible fabric. They asserted that only the wise and worthy could see this fabric.

The king eagerly accepted the offer and generously paid the tailors with gold. The tailors ‘fitted’ him with the invisible suit they claimed to have made. Although the king saw nothing in the mirror, he believed the tailors’ words and praised the beauty of the suit.

When the king appeared before his subjects in his new ‘suit,’ everyone saw that he was, in fact, naked, but no one dared to speak up. Everyone complimented the king’s attire until a small child shouted, “But the king is naked!” Upon hearing this, everyone accepted the truth, and the embarrassed king returned to his palace.

Thus, the king and his people learned the importance of valuing truth over appearances.