You Have Choices – Joke

You Have Choices1 - You Have Choices - Joke

A very awful man died and was sent to Hell.

Satan met him and welcomed him. “Despite what you’ve heard, this place is not so bad,” he purred. “You have choices. Let me show you.”

He took the man to a corridor with three doors. The man looked in the small window of the first door. Inside he could see people up to their necks in human feces. They were writhing, moaning, and throwing up from the stench.

The man was unsure. “That doesn’t look so good. Can I see the next room?”

“Of course!” Satan led him to the next door. Through the window, he saw people up to their waists in excrement. They were also throwing up and miserable.

“I don’t know, “ said the man. “Can I see the third room?”

“But of course!” Satan crooned. He led him to the third door. The man saw people standing in human feces up to their knees. However, this group was having cake and coffee and smiling.

The man was relieved. “This room looks the best. I’ll go in here,” he told Satan.

“As you wish, sir. Welcome to Eternity.” Satan let him into the room.

The people inside welcomed him and gave him a piece of cake and some coffee. The man was happy with his choice.

Suddenly, a klaxon sounded. Over the intercom, a voice said, “Okay, everyone. Break’s over. Back on your heads!”